Mixing Business with Pleasure
{Newborn Photographer Palm Beach County}

I've been meaning to post this session for a couple days, but I've just now found a few moments to get it blog-ready. I had such a blast photographing this awesome awesome family (Did I use two awesomes? Yes. Yes I did.) at the hospital for Pitter Patter Pix. So, why the double awesome, you ask? Well, they want to live above Whole Foods, she wears peace sign earrings, AND Chris Cornell was on their birthing playlist. Throw in some wit, sarcasm, goofiness, lots of love, an enchanting story and more great music...Do soul mates come in the form of photography clients? I think so. Oh, we took pictures too. :)

They collect heart shaped rocks. When she went into labor early, he was out of town...way out of town. He made it to the birth with only 14 minutes to spare and when he got there, she was holding his heart rock. Go ahead and bask in the sweetness of that story. 

When I asked them to tell me about their brother-sister relationship this guy says, so coolly, "Well, you know, we have the same parents." Love it.

This sweet little boy was such a happy kid. He didn't love being undressed, but other than that, not a peep.

I'm so grateful to be a part of their lives in even this small way. These lovely people are what make my job perfect.


  1. great pictures...what's with the rock/stone on the baby?

  2. Paul is actually me, Christine. Apparently his account is signed in. :)

  3. It's the heart rock that Mom held onto while she was waiting for her husband to get to the delivery.

  4. OMG, Sam you AMAZE ME!!! These were awesome!