rani | mount dora senior photographer

Meet Rani. She's a senior this year at my hometown high school and I had the opportunity to take her senior pictures while up for a visit. I had a great time wandering around downtown Mount Dora and Gilbert Park with her and her mom and boyfriend. The three of them were so laid back and fun! It was some hardcore Florida outside, ridiculously hot and wet. Rani didn't hesitate to don heels thru the swampy woods or sit on whatever wet, mucky surface I asked her to. :) And this post wouldn't be complete without commending her boyfriend, Bob for being a pretty smashing assistant! 

Rani, you are the loveliest kind of girl. Sweet, down-to-earth and real. And you're absolutely beautiful! Good luck this coming year and beyond! 


  1. She was my first grader, love her!!
    Great photos!

  2. Hi!
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