derek + staci | gainesville wedding photographer

I'm sure I don't have the words to make this post. To say it has a special place in my heart is both cliche and also a bit of understatement. I really love photographing my families' weddings. When I'm asked if I'll be able to enjoy the wedding if I'm working it and I say yes, absolutely...I mean it. Yeah, like I said, don't have the words for it. But also, this church. A big part of my soul grew up in this church, matured here, still is. And I've never really taken pictures here, aside from a few snap shots ages ago one Easter. There are horribly corny, sappy things I could say about a photographer making some sort of intimate connection with the subject. So just know I could say those things. I wouldn't know how, anyway. But the point is, well, shooting here, it was cool. Moving, actually. And! (almost done here, for the 3 people who read this stuff) I got a completely fabulous aunt with the deal. 


  1. Samantha. these are incredible. i am so sad i couldn't be there, but so happy you were the one to shoot this wedding.

  2. We LOVE every single picture you took of our special day! Thank you! I'm beyond blessed to be a part of your amazing family! Love ya xoxo
    Auntie Staci

  3. Ok, I may or may not have cried through this entire post. Fine, I definitely did, for 3 reasons: 1. Uncle Derek 2. you 3. FPCU.

    I want THIS CHURCH back in my life and you made it look as beautiful as ever! So much love and life there. Miss you, dear Sam. And congrats Uncle Derek!

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