{Photographer Palm Beach County}

From the start, Kelly's emails had me charmed. Then I met her and saw that the warmth and enthusiasm I had come to expect in her emails radiated from her person as well. She is absolutely lovely.

I have a special place in my heart for young love. I met my husband when we were 18 and we were married at 19. People probably thought we were crazy, looking back I can't even remember. We were undoubtedly too wrapped up in each other to notice much. Point is, so often love between young people is considered false in some way, but really...love can take us at any age. So here's a lovely young couple, Kelly and Quint, who have stuck together even with distance between them for two years, while he's been at college. Kelly's joining him this fall and I hope they find that their reward is an even stronger connection. I wish them both the best! So enough of me blabbering, here's some pictures. Enjoy! :)