Wild Magnolia Design: a love story

So, now that we've established that Wild Magnolia Design is pretty fantastic...Let me tell you a little bit about them. These folks are serious about the whole green thing. The albums are made with renewable, earth-friendly and often tree-free raw materials (the peace silk cover option is made from cocoons from which the moths have emerged naturally! eee!), by hand, with a focus on reducing waste and pollution. Put simply, these albums are beautiful works of art hand-crafted by people who have a genuine consideration for the environment. My enthusiasm about these albums borders on the hysterical. They are just. so. fantastic. 

I'll have a sample album of my own coming soon, but until then feast your eyes on these beauties courtesy of Lachlan Burrell Photography and Two Pedals Photography

Fellow photogs, go check them out. Seriously, right now. Just stop reading and do it. You won't be sorry. Clients, get ready because these are going to be the high end albums for Pink Hedgehog Photography! Yay! :) 

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