s'moores | gainesville family photographer

So, I love this lady. Sara is my first best friend. We met as kids...like, little kids. And our friendship has morphed into all sorts of different things over the years. But it's one of those friendships that, here it comes, the cliche, will be there always. One day, we will be old ladies and we may never live close to each other again or see each other much. There may be periods where we don't even talk often. There have been. But one day we will be old ladies, that still love each other and respect and admire each other, that laugh together and cry together. Lifetime pals. That's Sar, my lifetime friend. Whew, that was mushy! Anyhow, hanging with her was fantastic. Her kiddos are precious and it was way too soon that she was flying back to California. Now, here's some pictures. :) 


  1. Wow! Mushy AND great pictures! Miss you 2 Sara!

  2. Good job Sam! It was fun to watch you work & see the patience it took to make these photos. Only a mommy would know how to work with a hungry baby and a red-headed 2yr old! Thank you for capturing these memories of our loved ones.