amber + finley | gainesville family photographer

I just sat here staring at my computer screen for who knows how many minutes, trying to nail down how to write about someone who means more to me than, well, I have words for. I'm excited that she's finally gracing the hedgeblog because, from the very start of my photographic endeavors, when I first picked up a camera, she's been my favourite model. But more importantly, she's been my best friend since she was born. And the truth is, I couldn't begin to put down what Amber is, really. She's too much for a blog post or I'm not eloquent enough, or both. But I love her, obviously. Maybe to her, my pictures will speak the thousands of words I can't. 

And since I had some sweet pictures of another little sister in my life, I figured I'd mash it up and make it a little sisters post. Without further ado, Fin and Amber. 


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