amber, deer

I love that I can call up my mama and say, "Hey, you think you can score Amber and me some antlers by the time I come up for Christmas?" and I get, "Of course!" There's no, "Really, Sam? Why on earth do you want antlers?" just, "Of course." So, while I was at my Mom's for Christmas, my sister and I had planned to do a little shoot inspired by this. Naturally, with all the visiting and Christmasing, we found ourselves on the last day that we'd have to do this with about 30 minutes of remaining daylight . So we ran outside, grabbed the antlers, were grossed out by the attached skull and fur, (By the way, the antlers came from a guy from whom my mama has purchased deer meat for years. The deer is used as food as well as art and not killed merely for sport.) and attempted to throw down a shoot on the fly. It was fun, funny, and turned out pretty neat, if not exactly what I had envisioned. So, here you go! 

A few "behind the scenes" things I'm rather fond of...

We ended up unable to attach them to her head in time, so she held them in place.