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Last month I got to shoot for some people that mean so much to me...These blog posts are so hard for me to write. One of those, where to begin? feelings. Jonathan and his sister were such a huge part of my childhood. He's like a brother to me, his family mine. And now he's this...man. And he's marrying Emily, who is beyond lovely. I've only gotten to hang with her twice (right?) and exchange quite a few emails, but she is genuine, smart, funny, gorgeous (duh!) and ultimately...just incredibly, sincerely nice

This shoot hardly felt like work. Didn't, really. At all. It was simply a wonderful time spent with friends, family. I got to share the car ride with Jonathan's mama, who really is a mama to me as well. We had a great lunch, talked, laughed, and I witnessed such a pure and blissful love between Jon and Emily. They have the air of a couple just met, but have been together years. It's a beautiful thing and I'm completely excited to see them marry. 

Jonathan and Emily, thank you for letting me see you this way, letting me capture it. :)

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