brad + krystal | gainesville florida wedding photographer

So, here's part two of the I-got-to-shoot-for-some-incredibly-special-people posts. Brad is another guy I grew up with. As a matter of fact, he and Jonathan (the part one, remember?) were both a part of a very close knit group of kids at our church back home. Again, we were all such a family to each other. And I know I said more or less the same before, but it's wowed me to see Brad become a wonderful father and now husband. And again, he couldn't have found a more lovely person to share a lifetime with. I fell in love with Krystal's easy, caring demeanor instantly. She's such a gentle, sweet mother and is genuinely aware and concerned for the feelings of those around her, and I feel blessed to have found her myself. (Brad, you'll just have to share.) 

So, aaaanyway...this wedding really embodied what weddings should. Tons of happy, supportive family and friends gathering to witness and celebrate the commitment made between two people who are in love. This is the sentiment that resonated throughout the entire day. Perfect. It was, simply put, perfect. 

Brad, Krystal, love you guys. :) 


  1. Such an awesome looking wedding! Makes me want to move up there so I can shoot weddings like these too :) Great shots!

  2. Sam, you are incredibly talented. Thank you for your beautiful work :-)
    We love you. -Krystal Buzard

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