rachael + mike | st. augustine engagement photography

A little backstory, Rachael and I went to high school together. We knew each other, because you didn't not know people where we went to school. But we never really spent any time actually knowing each other then. And I just have to say how incredibly rewarding it was to re-meet Rachael. And first-time-meet Mike and her mama. We all had just a really great time. Lots of laughing and only minimal fence jumping around this lovely city in this ridiculous Florida heat. So, this is Rachael and Mike, who are hilarious (mom, you too! oh, definitely you too!) and chill and adventurous and awesome. And this is the stunning-wonderful city of St. Augustine. 

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  1. Just stunning! Sam, you keep getting better at this. And also, if it is possible, I think Rachael is even more gorgeous than she was in high school!